“Why Would 9 Million Normally Sane People (Including Me) Fork Over Good Money For a Funny Looking Stick?”

You are about to learn the never-before-revealed “Secrets of the Bullworker” from the living legend who masterminded this massively successful sales phenomenon. Apply these principles and tactics to your business and watch your results skyrocket!

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In this amazing audio training, I get to share with you one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time, created by one of the greatest marketers alive today.

Drayton Bird is a living legend in marketing. He worked personally with the greats, such as David Ogilvy. He’s written three books on marketing, all terrific. He’s been considered one of the top 50 most influential marketers in modern history. It was my privilege to find him in London, get him on the phone, and interview him for an hour. The result is this audio training.

The main reason I wanted to interview Drayton is because 30 years ago he wrote a letter for an exercise device that caused me to spend my hard earned teenage dollars to buy. I still have the device. It’s called a Bullworker. Over 9,000,000 of them have been sold in the last few decades. You can thank Drayton for many of those sales.

Drayton tested a number of different headlines to sell the Bullworker. Here are some of the actual headlines. See if you can tell which one would cause the most sales:

“These 7 exercises build a power-packed body in just 49 seconds a day – or you don’t pay a penny. Each exercise lasts just 7 seconds. There are 104 in all – but just 7 of them exercise 300 of your 500 muscles.”

“Fitness is the name of the game and Bullworker gets real good results fast”

“When were you last really fit? An expert tells you how to get back into shape.”

FREE 24 page booklet! How to build a powerful body!”

“If you’re into fitness, Bullworker puts it all together in only 5 minutes a day.”

“Strength in 77 seconds. That’s all it takes to help build powerful muscles, trim body.”

Which one is best?

Which one do you think won the sales game?

Made your choice?

Now let’s see which one broke the records.

Drayton told me in our training that the first headline pulled the best, and the last one pulled second best.

Were you surprised?

The next question is, why did those two ads pull and not the others? What do you think?

Now let’s take a look at both headlines:

“Strength in 77 seconds. That’s all it takes to help build powerful muscles, trim body.”

I think this headline does well because of the specific number and the immediate promise of a reward.

“77” is memorable, as are most odd numbers. “Strength” suggests the benefit.

Combined, in only 4 words, they sing. The second line helps explain the first. An excellent short headline. But what about this longer headline?

Drayton said this ad broke all records.

“These 7 exercises build a power-packed body in just 49 seconds a day – or you don’t pay a penny. Each exercise lasts just 7 seconds. There are 104 in all – but just 7 of them exercise 300 of your 500 muscles.”

Again, that headline is the winner.

But why?

1. Look at all the specific numbers: 7 exercises, 49 seconds, 7 seconds, 104, 7, 300, 500 muscles. Specific numbers always suggest credibility.

2. Note the guarantee without using the word “guarantee”: “or you don’t pay a penny.”

3. Note the headline is actually several headlines. Is that too many? When is a headline too long? As Drayton pointed out in our audio, there is no such as copy that is too long. There is only copy that is boring. Boring anything is too long.

All in all, there is much to learn from the early Bullworker ads and the genius behind them.


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